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Hi Everyone,

Brushes are an important part of makeup application they help to achieve certain finishes and the look desired by the user. I love brushes and I feel if you have a good set of brushes, you will be able to create the look you want. Now I don’t believe expensive brushes are the only way to go, like makeup, I think its personal choice and many high-end, high price brushes and makeup, fail to impress and deliver what they promise.

Samantha Chapman is a Professional Makeup Artist & half of the YouTube genius Pixiwoo. Nicola is her sister also a pro makeup Artist and on their amazing channel you’ll find Tutorials about everything makeup & beauty.

So back to the brush im going to review its the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman blush brush. I was so excited to hear that these brushes are available in Boots here in Ireland when she announced it last month. I talked myself into just getting one brush to start with and see how it goes. I picked up the blush brush in Boots in Blanchardstown and it cost just under €14.00. It is a large brush, a lot larger than the typical blush brush. It is super soft and a tapered dome shape. The ferrule is longer than a normal brush and the bottom of the handle is flat so can stand on a flat surface. I’ve been using it for contour and blush for the past month and I love it, you could also use this for powder if you wanted a light dusting. It has not shed one single hair even after washing.

The brush range is made from taklon bristles, this means that they are unbelievably soft.  Taklon is synthetic so its great to know its 100% cruelty-free.  My brush applies the products beautifully. I will hopefully be adding more of Samantha’s brushes to my collection in the near future. Please check out Pixiwoo on YouTube for makeup tips and inspiration. On the Real Techniques website you will find tutorials with Samantha featuring the brushes. In Ireland and the uk the Brushes can be purchased from Boots and online at cloud10beauty.com which I mentioned in the previous post (prices are cheaper than boots in Ireland).

Let me know if you have tried this brush or any of the other brushes in Samantha’s range I’d love to hear how everyone else is finding them.