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Hi Everyone,

When it comes to nails I love designs, fun colours and new DIY ways to achieve great looking manicured nails. So when I seen these Sally Hanson nail strips in Penney’s for €5.00 I had to get them. I picked up the fun leopard print (320 Kitty,Kitty) as you can see in my picture.

In the box you get cuticle stick, mini nail file and buffer and 16 nail polish strips. The nail strips are in two little foiled packs in the box to keep them fresh.

After reading the box I was thinking 16, that’s a strange number especially when I seen the two separated foiled packs 8 pieces in each. Hmm, yes, I have four fingers on each hand but I also have two thumbs! So what is the point in having the nail strips packed separately if you have to open both to do all fingers and thumbs ? I really don’t understand that? It’s kind of misleading thinking you’ll get two uses out of them. Before opening the second pack I tried to cut one strip in half to use on my baby fingers. That didn’t work because I couldn’t get the top plastic film off without ruining the actual polish.

Here are my likes and dislikes about this products:


  • Fun designs
  • Available from Penney’s and chemists
  • Fair price
  • No wet polish
  • No polish smell


  • The odd number in the pack (should be 20)
  • Not a quick application like it appears, although no drying time required it takes time to place on nail and remove excess strip.
  • Claims to last 10 Days. Lasted maybe a week on my nails but chipping on two nails after the 1st day.

Would I buy this product again?

Yes, I will try them again but give myself more time to apply and also maybe put on a clear top coat to see would it improve the chipping issue. I would also like to try some other brands to see how they compare.

Please let me know if you have tried these nail polish strips or any other brands, what was your experience ?