Hi Everyone,

I was passing through Penneys on Saturday and stopped by the makeup section. I seen the Essence stand and thought I’d check to see if they had the black liner in stock, previously when I looked it was always only the brown on display. To my surprise it was there (only one) so I made my purchase along with some of the new ‘Kiss’ lashes Penneys have available.

The black colour is ‘Midnight in Paris’ this is a really smooth, creamy gel liner. It is very pigmented, super black liner which is what I love.  Smudge proof and waterproof and all for only €3.49 !!! This is a total winner!

I have other more expensive gel liners which I also like and have repurchased but gel liners always dry out over time. So really, for the product you get and at that price, it is a star buy.





From the Essence website I see it comes in three colours; Midnight in Paris (Black) London Baby (Brown) and Miami’s Ink (Grey). Essence is stocked in Penneys and chemists around Ireland so if you find it in Black, pick it up!