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Hi Everyone,

On Sunday last, I attended the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS Dublin with SmokeyEyesMUA (http://smokeyeyesmua.wordpress.com/) and while we where being really smart shoppers on the day and only buying what we required for our makeup kits, we did buy some O.P.I nail polishes just for ourselves. I had never purchased any O.P.I before and while I always looked and admired the beautiful colours from afar the price always stopped me because at around €12.75 I found them to be quite pricey.

Most of the items at the show had been discounted and at €5.75 for each polish I though that was a good bargain. I bought two from the Holland collection ‘ I Don’t Give a Rotterdam’ a dusky denim blue with golden/sliver shimmer and ‘Pedal Faster Suzi’ a baby candy pink with the same shimmer and one from the Nicki Minaj collection a really fun glitter called ‘Save me’.

I have to say that I now completely understand why O.P.I is so popular and used in salons the world over. This was probably the easiest polish I’ve ever applied, not streaky, not thick after a few coats, the brush is the right size and dries fairly quickly. I applied three thin coats of ‘I Dont Give a Rotterdam’ and put ‘Save Me’ as an accent finger.


I would love to try more of the O.P.I range to see how they compare. Please leave a comment below and let me know which are your favourite colours.