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Tomorrow, 17th March is Paddy’s Day! So I decided I would do a really wearable green & gold smokey eye that if you’re heading to a parade or party you can look great but also feel patriotic.

So follow the steps below to get this look:

  1. Start with an eye primer or base, today I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study.
  2. Next cover the lid from lashes to brow bone with a cream/white matte shadow.
  3. Take a buttery yellow shadow, I used one from Inglot, place it on the inner half of the eye.
  4. Now for a green shadow, I picked a mossy green again from Inglot, place this on the outer half of the lid and up into the crease. Pack on the colour untill you achieve the desired look.
  5. Take a tiny amount of a light soft brown colour on a fluffy brush and blend above where the green is in the crease, the purpose of this not to blend away the green but to soften any lines.
  6. Take a tiny amount of the yellow on a fluffy brush, place and blend where the soft brown was placed. This will give a yellow halo effect above the green, make sure there are no lines the colours at this point should be blending into one another.
  7. Take more of the yellow on your flat eyeshadow brush and pat it onto the inner half of the lid to intensify the yellow and do the same with the green if the colour looks faded. Then add some gold shadow on top of the yellow I used ‘Urban Decay Half Baked’
  8. Next take a pencil brush or something small enough for under the eyes and take that green colour under the lower lash line, this should look soft and smokey, if it’s not blend it with a clean fluffy brush.
  9. Clean up & highlight under the eyebrow by placing some cream matte shadow close to eyebrow and make sure its fading into the yellow.
  10. To brighten up the inner corner I placed some ‘Barry M dazzle dust in Gold Iridescent’ around the tear duct and blended into the yellow.
  11. Eyeliner, I chose a black because I think it makes most colours more wearable but choose what ever suits you. Taking a thin angled liner brush and a gel liner draw a line close to the lash line, not too thick as this will take away from the shadow. If you can put the liner on your tightline (top waterline,under your top lashes) do, this makes your lashes thicker and stops the skins showing though lashes.
  12. For the flick, the easiest way to do it is to draw a line from the very edge of the lower lash liner up and out then from the point draw another line back in to meet your lashes.
  13. Curl lashes and put on mascara you should then have a look like the picture in the 4th box.
  14.  Next apply false lashes with Duo lash glue, the lashes in the picture below are ‘Kiss diva 01’ that I picked up in Penneys. They are very comfortable and not too dramatic.
  15. When glue dries, you may notice the lash band, if you do just run some gel liner over the top and it should just fade into the liner.
  16. Final step, green lower water line. Use a green liner if you have it, I didn’t but I had Inglot duraline and a Kelly green eyeshadow which I blended together and lined my waterline.

If you try this let me know, post a picture on twitter and send me the link.

Hope everyone has a Happy Paddy’s day.

Have Fun!