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I like a mascara that gives me volume, I have long(ish) lashes but adding to that lenght is always good. Normally i look for a big, old school brush and find i always achieve the best look with that type of brush.

So I always skip by any mascara that has the new style rubber wand, i hated Maybeline one by one but i was sent a Max Factor one for review and while i was just going to pass on it I decided to give it a shot. My first impression of the False Lash Effect was not great felt like it made my lashes look shorter and the formula was too wet.

A few weeks passed and I was in a rush, it was the only one to hand so i curler my lashes and I started to apply this mascara. Well, the few weeks it had resting on my dresser done it a world of good as the formula dried out a little and for me was much better. It coated my lashes from root to tip and after a few coats my lashes looked fuller and longer. Not a dramatic false lash effect but still looked better than my own.

You will like this mascara if you like a natural but more enhanced look for your lashes. It’s super black which is great. If like me you prefer a drier formula just let it sit for a week or two after opening it up a few times.

I would love to hear from you, let me know about your best and worst mascara purchases?