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Velcro rollers are nothing new and I’ve used them anytime I want big volume in my hair. They are easy to put in and give the result I want. I heard about Sleeprollers and thought it was a great idea and decided to order them from cloud10beauty who sell them for €20.45. So what are sleep rollers? Basically they are Velcro rollers with foam inside instead of plastic. 20120621-150446.jpg

This means that you can pop them into your hair after blow drying and sleep on them without hurting your head and in the morning the result looks like a salon blow dry, with Amazing volume! All for €20 and they can be used over and over and over! It’s a great buy and what a simple idea. I wish I had thought of it !




It took me about about 15mins to put them in ( I have a lot of hair) and 5mins to pull them out. I didn’t put any products in my hair before putting them in and just used some bobby pins to hold them in place while I slept. I only used a little hairspray after I took them out and didn’t need to back comb. If you wanted more of a curl you could achieve it by curling your hair with a wand and then put the rollers in.

It’s no secret that I love cloud10beauty they are so quick and efficient at sending out your order and they have so many fabulous items and amazing brands on the website. They have a rewards system for when you purchase items and review products which you use off your purchases. Best of all cloud10beauty are Irish !


Have you tried Sleeprollers ? Do you like the results?