My name is Melissa and I have always been interested in the world of makeup and beauty. However my interest turned to love when I started watching YouTube tutorials probably about 4/5 years ago. It was fascinating and educational to watch people from all over the world demonstrate the makeup techniques they use and to gain valuable information on different products. I have learned so much from watching all my favourite ‘gurus’ on YouTube some of them Makeup Artists, some of them just normal girls who loved makeup & beauty products like me.

I always get excited by makeup and finding something new that is amazing, is like a little win on the lottery for me; so when I discovered the world of online beauty I finally didn’t feel like an oddball anymore there are people who are just like me!

Since February 2012, I have started on my journey to become a MAKEUP ARTIST!  I am so excited to do this as I have been waiting so long. It takes time to learn and advance your skills, oh and MONEY to get qualifications! I am on a 10 week course and this will gain me a ITEC certificate in makeup. Once I finish this course I hope to find employment in the makeup world and then as time goes by I will consider doing further courses.

I am setting up this blog as part of my course but I actually have wanted to do this for a while. I will be reviewing new finds, brushes, makeup, beauty products, sharing tips and tricks, my good old favourites that I can’t be without and whatever else I think may interest people. Please share my page and if there is anything I can help with just ask and I’ll do my best.

~ Melissa ~

To contact me, please email: beyoutifulmakeup@hotmail.com


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